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History of company is begun with November, 1988 in the period of stormy growth of co-operative motion. Then, at military part Zmiev a cooperative store was created «October» by the quantity of 4 brows. His production activity began in 1989 at a conclusion agreement with the enterprise of OAO «Kharkovgaz» on supplying with spare parts for use gas equipment.

In March-April, 1990 a designer document was developed on the boiler of KST-16. In May of that year floorspaces were leased on one of factories of settlement Komsomol region of Zmiev. With July, 1, 1990 the serial issue of heatings boilers was begun. on April, 2, 1991, by a selection from composition of cooperative store «October», a small company is organized “Mayak”. Production activity was begun with July, 1991 the issue of the unique model of heating boiler of KST – 16.

Presently for twenty-year history of the development «Mayak» became the large modern factory of the European standard with front-rank technologies of production of heating technique, counting in the assortment of ten of models of boilers of different power with by a great number the variants of acquisition and functional possibilities. A collective from 150 persons, productive about 15 000 of boilers in a year, works on 3400 m2 of floorspaces.The machine-tool park of company plugs in itself a complex on treatment of sheet rental with numerical control of the known worldwide German firm TRUMPF, allowing to produce the high-fidelity making of details. At the end of 2003 the automated complex of slushing treatment of metal is put into an operation providing in the automatic mode chemical preparation of surface to painting, electrostatic sputtering of powder-like paint with an afterpolymerization. At the beginning of 2005 development of project is begun on the reconstruction of frame-clamping workshop of providing for conveyer assembling, putting into the operation of frame-clamping workshop will allow considerably to increase production of goods volumes. On supplying with basic stuff details an company co-operates with such known worldwide producers as, to the company HONEYWELL (THE USA), POLIDORO (Italy), GIANNONI(Italy), VIADRUS (Czekh).The production program of company plugs in itself the issue of steel gas boilers power from 10 to 100 kW with natural circulation of heat carrier with taking of products of combustion in a flue. Boilers by power 50 and 100 kW are in a position of connecting of additional devices, providing programmatic automatic control the temperature of heat carrier on an exit from a boiler room.In 2004 on an enterprise the next step of strategic development is done - the issue of modern boilers is mastered with cast-iron heat exchanger.

Cast-iron gas boilers are presently produced by power 10, 16, 18, 25, 35, 50 kW, not depending on electric power with natural circulation of heat carrier, cast-iron gas boilers by power 16, 30, 50, 80, 100 kW with the forced circulation of heat carrier, system of electronic self-ignition and ionization control of flame.

Cast-iron gas boilers of series of E in a complete set with modern programmatic devices and distributive armature provide the hardest requirements of energy-savings at providing the heat of different objects. The temperature of thermal stream is regulated depending on the change of temperature of outward air by mixing of heat carrier from the giving and reverse highway of the system of heating through the valve supplied an electromechanic with three communicating openings. Automatic adaptation allows the system during a few days of work exactly to determine optimum time for an on-off executive mechanisms and devices of boiler room for diminishing of energy consumption without harm to the level of comfort for an user, taking into account the change of temperature of outward air and thermal losses of building.

The company constantly works above the improvement of the produced products, development of new models, increase of image of trade mark, basic computer-aided and engineering labour manufacturing. The products of enterprise are presented more than thirty point-of-sale-service representatives on territory of Ukraine and countries of near foreignness.